First and most importantly there will be a lot of you asking yourselves what are the club going to do about our memberships that we have lost out on over lockdown? Simple, we’re going to extend all memberships by 3 months from Saturday 6th.
When we open there will be measures in place to comply with Covid19 guidelines as follows:
There are social distancing signs at all entrances to the riding areas and on all start ramps. As a member and by association with the club you are all as members responsible for maintaining and enforcing social distancing.
There will be queueing systems on all start ramps with 2 meters marks on the ground and the start ramps. The barriers are 2 meters long so they can be used as a guide too if the marks on the floor wear off for any reason. But if they do wear off please contact us via Facebook to let us know.
There will be two Emergency evac ppe (personal protective equipment) boxes placed onsite. One will be just above the main fire road on Gnarkill and the other will be just above the main lower fore road on Gnarkill. The boxes are clearly marked and will contain hand sanitizer, face masks and gloves to be used by volunteers who are assisting the ambulance service to evacuate an injured rider from the tracks. The dummy guide for the boxes is as follows: ONE person opens the box (lock code is 0999), uses the hand sanitizer ensuring you clean your wrists too and then proceeds to hand out masks and gloves. It is recommended that everyone stays 2 meters apart until at least all masks are on. You will need to take your mask and gloves home with you too. Once you are all ready please lock the box back up and proceed to assist with evac process. Most importantly if you have to use the ppe you must report the incident to the club asap so we can restock the box.

There is NO onsite parking which means you will need to park in the Tamar trails car park and ride to the riding area. As tempted as you might be do NOT ride anything other than the cycle path!!
Directions from car parking: Leave the carpark heading away from the way you drive in (opposite direction to cafe).
Once in woods, look for path to the right that allows cycles, roughly 100m after entering the woods.
At the top of the hill, take a left and follow this path all the way to the ruins at Wheal Anna Maria, turn right so the quarry is on your left.
Up the hill you’ll see the old car park.
Alternatively if your technically minded you can use this link on your phone,
All access to the start ramps is via the top fire road leading from the first start ramp you come to as you walk in. There will be a site map by the first start ramp with full details.
There has been a short section of track added to Gnarkill to extend it up to this fire road and a new start ramp constructed too.
1) We are NOT allowed on any of the spoil heaps.
2) The lower sections of all of the open tracks are now CLOSED.
3) Anything behind / below the black spoil heap is also closed which includes, The ladder drop, the old gorse jumps line and the section of the Don that runs around the outside of the spoil heap.
4) The area to the left of the first track as you look down the hill.
All lower tracks that we no longer have access to have been fenced off for your safety.

And most importantly if you are showing any signs of Covid19 please do NOT visit the site.

Cheers gang and see you all on the hill, from the awesome team of volunteers who do everything behind the scenes.
P.S Stay safe and stay 2m apart.

Members or pass holders breaking any of the above rules are liable to be expelled.
Membership fees and passes will not be refunded.